SHOOT Black Dome Port Lens Diving Cover Case For Gopro Hero 5 HD Action Camera

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-Suitable for Gopro Hero 5
-Specifically designed for GoPro underwater photography to provide superior optical performance.
-These are often referred to as half and half, 50/50, over under or split-level pictures.
-Easy to operate, nearly infinite depth of field, wide-angle lens and video and still image quality make the GoPro perfectly suited for this application.
-Fisheye diving cover for GOPRO HERO5 camera semi-circular design to eliminate the vertical angle between the lens and the waterline,when in the snorkeling or swimming, can be taken the underwater and upwater images, you can get a unique perspective which combined with underwater, water surface and sky
-The Dome Port utilizes a custom made semi-hemispherical acrylic dome that has been optically matched to work with the GoPro lens, package includes GoPro housing and a floating handheld. So all you need is just a camera, and then turn it on.
-The dome port support the Gopro original waterproof housing case.
-Allows the dome to be fully disassembled for cleaning and service.
Color: Black
Package Size: about 21x18x11(8.26x7.08x4.33 inch)
Package Included:
1 x HERO 5 Black Dome Port
1 x Waterproof Case
1 x Cutton Bag
1 x Float Grip

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