PULUZ PU227 Shutter Stabilizer Section Trigger Floating Hand Grip Dome Port Cover

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This product is specifically designed for GoPro HERO 5.
Dome is made of high quality PC+Acrylic material. The light weight nice housing is a best choice for your GoPro. .
With diving dome port, you could take half-half non-distorted amazing video and pictures Above/Underwater when swimming / snorkeling / diving and other water sports.
The transparent dome cover is made of pure high quality acrylic. Besides, the waterproof case for GoPro HERO5 which is integrated with the dome port back plate. It can prevent the water coming in the housing. Keep your camera away from leaking risk!
Float designed to keep your camera with a waterproof shell, dive housing and other parts of the case, easy to float in the water.
Adjustable wrist strap, so you have double protection.
You can connect your bobber floating to the tripod.
Waterproof 30M 6 Dome Port with Floaty Handle Stick for GoPro HERO5+ Underwater Dome Hood Hero5 Accessories Set

Package Included:

1 x Screw
1 x Pouch
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x Clean Cloth
1 x Socket Head Wrench
1 x Shutter Trigger
1 x Floating Hand Grip
1 x Dome Port Lens Transparent Cover

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